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Kefir! Uwielbiam kefir. W mojej najbliższej Żabce 1 kg kosztuje 4 zł. Wyszukuję fajne domeny, a gdy jakąś sprzedam, mam na kefir na parę dni 🙂 === I love Polish kefir. In my nearest Żabka (Froggie) shop, it’s $1 (=~4 zł) per 1 kg. I grab cool domains, and selling one provides me with kefir for a few days 🙂

W sklepie === In store === Płatność === Payment === Jak na targu === Let’s bargain

Divide the prices in zł (Polish Złoty, PLN) by four to get the approximate price in US$.

Best offer today:

4mom.online - a site with unlimited possibilities, easy to remember and type in.

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This domain is valid until November 24, 2020. After that, you will need to extend its validity. The cost should not exceed $10-#15 per year. Black Friday will certainly help 🙂

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